About the Division
Our Mission

Administer the Alabama Department of Treasury’s program to reunite assets with legal owners through the receipt, management, and disposition of various unclaimed property.


Our Vision

 To reunite all unclaimed assets with legal owners.



Our Values

  • Integrity:  Those we serve can trust the enduring excellence and reliability of our people, services and security
  •  Proficiency:  Our staff will maintain the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively carry out their responsibilities
  •  Accountability:  We accept responsibility for our actions, services and stewardship
  •  Service:  We are united in our dedication to reunite unclaimed assets with legal owners


Our Role 
  • To act as a consumer protection agency for those individuals and businesses with lost assets
  • To indemnify businesses and allow them the opportunity to avoid the liability and expense of maintaining these assets on their books
  • To promote awareness of the program
  • To receive, evaluate & pay claims accurately and efficiently